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The main purpose of circuiteasy.com is to offer you a wide choice of free circuit diagram and theory for students and hobbyist created and designed by experts. Our goal is to give access to high quality design to those unable to hire a circuit designer.


    You can use these circuit diagram both for your personal and your professional projects. Our designer committed a fair amount of time in the creation of these projects circuits. We also offer readymade electronics project for students and hobbyist. All free circuit diagram are provided. We only devote ourselves to the development of circuits.


    We are however looking for partners (especially project designers) who may fulfill these needs. If you are interested, feel free to mail us. Our project is with a fair price and with shipping facility.


    Circuit Easy deals in Hobby circuits for student, low cost circuits for experiment work, Free theory, circuit diagram, tutorial, simple electronics project, complete physics project as listed in our Home page website.

Many payment methods are offered for the purchase of ready made projects described in the Policy section. The circuit easy website intended as a resource for hobbyists building electronic projects since September 2007.

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